Unlocking the potential of agriculture

Indigo and Agriland have a shared vision to help agriculture become part of the solution to climate change, making carbon farming a reality in Europe.

Project details

We are partnering with Agriland to demonstrate the potential and requirements for a rigorous, registry approved, carbon offsetting programme in Belgium.

Demonstrating carbon farming on 3 fields

The 3 demonstration fields will complete all steps necessary to qualify for the quantification, verification and credit issuance process. This follows the Verified Carbon Standard methodology, issued by Verra, which is currently being piloted in Germany. 

Participating farmers

I was interested because besides storing carbon, I think that the techniques that we will apply to achieve this will bring other agronomic benefits to the plot and the crop. Following this motivates me enormously.

Diederich de Ghellinck

I decided to participate in the Carbon Farming trial because I was curious to see what the impact would be both in terms of carbon capture and soil organic matter increase as well as corn yield. In today's world with all the climatic instabilities it seems like the right direction to go in.

Mathieu Boucaut


Why we work together

The European Commission believes that carbon farming can play a significant role in delivering on the ambition to:

“We need to make carbon farming a true business opportunity and provide strong well-funded eco schemes.”

Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President, European Commission, DG Climate Action

We decided to invest in this project jointly with Indigo because we believe it is key to measure and demonstrate the beneficial impacts Carbon Farming can have. Through measured impact on the field, in addition to Indigo’s methodology which is measurable, verifiable, and scientifically underpinned, we believe we can make an impact by further disseminating the benefits of Carbon Farming with our network of growers.

Robert de l'Escaille | Director Development & Innovation, Agriland


We will work together to demonstrate through our project the steps that it takes for growers to generate verified agriculture carbon credits. We believe this will make an important contribution to the evolving EU legislative legislative and policy framework for carbon farming.

Nicholas Towle | Head of Carbon Europe, Indigo

About Agriland

The mission of Agriland is to innovate agriculture while taking societal and climatic challenges into account. They focus on three activities: advisory, farm coordination and agricultural production. 

Agriland (Dutch)

All figures are examples based on specific assumptions that may not be applicable to all land. A number of variables can affect outcomes on any particular land. Indigo does not guarantee any results with respect to agronomic outcomes, financial or profitability outcomes, carbon dioxide equivalents sequestered, carbon credits generated or amount or eligibility of payments with respect to any individual landowner or operator. Website for promotional purposes only. Additional terms apply.