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    Bringing a more beneficial agriculture system to Europe

    We believe that farmers can feed the planet sustainably. It’s a straightforward vision that’s fundamental to everything Indigo does. By partnering with growers and buyers, we’re creating a system that encourages demand for high quality and sustainably produced food.

    Our solutions in Europe

    Our microbial seed treatments and foliar products enable farmers to grow high quality crops in a more sustainable way and are available in Germany, Hungary, Ukraine and Turkey.
    Carbon by Indigo helps farmers get paid for increasing their soil carbon and reducing emissions. We launched Carbon by Indigo in certain regions of  Germany.  

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    Plant Protection

    Our pioneering microbial collection helps growers improve yield potential and achieve superior milling quality, while protecting against environmental stressors. It’s big thinking with a microscopic focus.

    Carbon Farming

    Indigo Carbon helps growers get paid for increasing the carbon content of their soil.

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    We’re looking for passionate, purpose-driven people. If our mission resonates, we’d love to hear from you.

    Open Quotation MarkWith cutting-edge technology, microbial seed treatments and an integrated approach to our food system, Indigo has the potential to improve the livelihoods of all agricultural stakeholders within Europe.Close Quotation Mark

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