Indigo microbial seed treatments and foliar products

    What if plants could protect themselves against environmental stresses?

    Wild crop ancestors possessed a microbiome that was more diverse than what is found in modern farming operations. By collecting plant samples globally and employing powerful bioinformatics tools, we have learned how to improve crop performance and stress tolerance through the reintroduction of beneficial microbes. Now farmers can plant with confidence using biotrinsic™ seed treatments tailored to their farms’ unique needs.

    Find biotrinsic™ in your country

    Start the season with a leading advantage that makes crops. Indigo Biologicals products are available in Germany, Hungary, Turkey and Ukraine.

    Indigo Ag is a leader in harnessing the plant microbiome

    Harnessing nature's beneficial microbes, biotrinsic™ products are proven to help across multiple crops:

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