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    Connecting Sustainability & Profitability

    Linking farmers with supporting companies in an effort to protect our planet and improve farmers' bottom line

    Carbon by Indigo in Europe

    Carbon by Indigo is not yet available in Europe. We are currently running multiple projects to help bring the program to European farmers.

    Carbon by Indigo produces first-of-its-kind, registry-issued agricultural carbon credits, while supporting farmers in their transition towards more sustainable farming practices

    Farming for resilient soil

    Adding cover crops, reducing tillage, and rotating crops are just some of the steps farmers can take to bring carbon back into the soil and begin producing credits. To intensify the benefit to the soil, farmers can implement multiple practices resulting in resilient soil and a more profitable operation.

    First of its kind, high quality, registry-issued credits

    Companies interested in the highest degree of scientific rigor, ensuring additional and permanent environmental benefit, put their trust in Carbon by Indigo. Innovative protocols, approved by Climate Action Reserve and Verra, incorporate decades of research and scientific advancements that unlock the massive global potential for crop-based carbon offsets.

    The Impact We've Had

    See the momentum made so far by the industry-leading carbon farming program.

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    2.4 M
    hectares enrolled
    Nature-Farming - Farming - farming-wheat
    carbon credits issued
    farmers enrolled

    We got started with some cover crops maybe four or five of five years ago. We thought it was the best move for our farm to try to raise our soil health, our soil fertility, and try to get it to where we're gonna be able to grow better yields and be more productive as a farmer.

    Lance Unger | Indiana Farmer

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    Soil is one of nature's most powerful carbon storage solutions. The world needs ambitious companies like Indigo Ag to develop and scale soil-based projects to help stop climate change.

    Stacy Kauk | Director Shopify's Sustainability Fund


    The potential to generate high-quality carbon credits from sustainable ag practices has been on the table for a long time. That potential is finally reality. These credits are tangible evidence that the effects of on-farm practices can be measured to the highest degree of confidence so that farmers have a credible way to benefit from the massive global investment in carbon credits underway.

    Craig Ebert | President, Climate Action Reserve

    Our certifiers rigorously evaluate credits to ensure a high-quality market backed by protocols

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