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    Indigo Ag’s innovative microbial seed treatments produce outstanding yield improvement results for Spring Crop growers in Turkey

    • In 2022 Spring Crop trials, biotrinsic™ i30FP produced yield increases of up to 173 kg per decare in corn, and 62 kg per decare in sunflower
    • biotrinsic™ i177FP produced yield increases of up to 90 kg per decare in cotton
    • Proven product effectiveness demonstrates significant value to Turkish growers

    4 April 2023, Indigo Agriculture Turkey Gübre Dağıtım Tic. Ltd. Şti., has once again published outstanding yield improvement results in Spring Crop commercial trials across Turkey.

    Based on performance data collected from 25 commercial growers in 2022, biotrinsic™ i30FP produced yield increases of up to 173 kg per decare in corn, with an average uplift of 6% in the regions of Central and Southern Anatolia. Yield increases of up to 62kg per decare were reported in sunflower crops, with an average uplift of 12% in both Thrace and Black Sea regions.

    biotrinsic™ i177FP produced yield increases of up to 90 kg per decare in cotton with an average uplift of 14% in the Mediterranean and Southeast Anatolian regions. This positive data builds on strong trial results reported during the prior year.

    i30FP and i177FP
    are part of Indigo’s biotrinsic™ portfolio – a collection of innovative microbial seed treatments designed to stimulate soil microbial activity, promote plant growth and protect plants from drought stress. They are proven to increase yields whilst reducing the use of other inputs, contributing to  grower profitability and a better environment.

    Commenting on today's announcement, Kudret Yilmaz, Indigo Ag’s Country Head in Turkey, said: "The outstanding performance data we have gathered from growers using biotrinsic™ i30FP and i177FP is extremely encouraging, and further demonstrates the products' capacity to deliver significant value to Turkish growers across the country. We are delighted to offer modern technology that is good for grower profitability, and the sustainability of the environment.”

    In 2022, Indigo Turkey was named ‘Sustainable Technology Brand of the Year’ at the National Success and Innovation Awards. Organized by ‘Strong Bosses,’ – a leading national business and economy magazine, the awards are one of Turkey’s most prestigious programs, celebrating innovation, success and sustainability in the Turkish business world.

    With a collection of more than 36,000 microbial strains, Indigo has established itself as a global leader in harnessing the potential of plant microbiome for growers around the world. Indigo's native microbes can react quickly to their environment, making them a dynamic partner for plants under ever-changing stresses throughout the year.

     About Indigo Agriculture

    Uniquely combining science, technology and agriculture, Indigo Ag offers a comprehensive suite of sustainability solutions from soil to sale. Our integrated business platform enables participants to adopt and profit from sustainability opportunities. Working with Indigo, farmers can now maximize their profit from new and existing sustainability practices on each field, every year of their rotation.

    Founded in 2013, Indigo Ag is unlocking the power of agriculture to create a better place to live. Operating across 14 countries, the company is delivering on its mission of harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet.

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